Veritas Has Gone Whitelist!

PrimeCrafter OStaff posted Dec 1, 17

Hey guys!  Just wanted to update everyone out there.  There have been lots of questions about the status of Veritas so I thought I would let you know what's going on.  As of December 1st, Veritas will be a whitelisted server only.  If you would like to be included on the list send me (PrimeCrafter) a message and I will get you added.  Our map is still the same, but the vision moving forward is slightly different.  The concern is not to create a GIANT server, it is simply to create a safe place where friends can enjoy Minecraft together.  I really want to thank everyone who put so much time and effort into Veritas, it has been a pleasure working with you!  See you soon!


DragonLover43 Thanks for the update, but until I upgrade my computer, I'm afraid 1.12 isn't for me. :(
Vasnity Tbh wish I could still be able to play on this server:/ mostly cause I was perm banned like 3 years ago

Quick Update

Gungren posted Dec 22, 16

Hello everyone,

So, a good number of us got on last night and did some work on spawn. The spawning building, or church, is now decorated for Christmas! Hope you all like it, happy holidays everyone!


Hey everyone,

Been quiet, I know. However, we are monitoring and watching Veritas everyday, even if we seem inactive. Just send us a message if you ever have a problem.

The staff are busy with their personal lives, but we are dedicated to keeping Veritas running and improving it when it is possible. We are in moves to make some subtle changes to reflect a more casual vision. Summer is our planned time of major activity, with events where possible. As for Christmas, we may do something small, with a short-notice announcement.

Onto the update, Veritas is now 1.11, however, I have only done basic testing. There may be small issues I have missed, though the chances seem unlikely given very little has been done in 1.11 to Minecraft internally, excluding all the new content in the update. If there are any issues, please leave a comment or go to our contact us page so we can fix it.

We shall also shortly, say, sometime before or after Christmas, update to 1.11.1 as soon as our host provides the option. It shall be very painless for us to do, so don't worry about any issues once it arrives.

NOTE: GUI rules is currently unusable, as edits aren't saved. A fix shall be released soon, but we are confidant our current playerbase is already very familiar with our terms.

Happy holidays!

Hello everyone,

I wished I wouldn't see this come to pass, but sadly two of our staff members have chosen to leave. I won't go into to details, but things went a certain way and they chose to leave. The two staff members who left as staff were Lecodfishjoe (lafabulousrainbow, le, rose) and Steodamonkeh (steo, sdo). We believe Lecodfishjoe won't be returning to the server at all, but Steodamonkeh might make a return as a player. We wish them the best, and hope all will be well for them. Thank you for all your services to the server, you will not be forgotten. 

On a side note, there is a Halloween event on the way. We do not know of the date yet, but I do believe we're aiming for Halloween day or the day after. Stay tuned for updates.

- Gungren

DragonLover43 Halloween is on a Monday. Maybe we could have the event on the 29th or 30th. Close enough, and most people are trick-or-...

Hey Everyone,

The Creative World is up and running! You can use /warp Creative_World to access it. A portal will be added later too. Expect bugs, please report them to us via our Contact Us page. You may or may not be sharing your claim block counts with the survival world, if that is confirmed to be the case, I shall increase the claim block earning rate.

Have fun guys!

DragonLover43 Yes! I've been waiting for this.
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